Concurrent_AA is heavily inspired by the Hasbro game "Axis & Allies". They share a board, a list of playable nations, and a list of unit types.

The primary difference is that with Concurrent_AA, all players play simultaneously rather than by taking turns. This is accomplished by a mechanism inspired by the game "Diplomacy" (also owned by Hasbro). In "Axis & Allies" each player moves units across a board at will on her own turn. In Concurrent_AA all players simultaneously write private orders for the movements they want and the automated judge determines what movements actually occur by evaluating all nations' orders together in a single operation. Movements (and other specialized orders) often result in conflicts which must be resolved interactively by the players.

The game is divided into turns, each of which is divided into phases:

The object of the game is to capture your enemy team's capitals.

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