The virtual "board" of Concurrent_AA is divided into land territories and sea zones. If you are familiar with Hasbro's "Axis & Allies" game, you are already familiar with the board of Concurrent_AA. All the same land territories are present except the neutral territories. There are no neutral territories in Concurrent_AA; all land territories have a default owner, which is one of the five playable nations. The sea zones of Concurrent_AA have the same connectivity as those of "Axis & Allies". Sea zones never have an owner; only an occupier. The sea zones of Concurrent_AA have all been named for reference.

Land Territories

Land territories have some special properties. Some of them have an economic value. Five of them are national capitals. A few of the land territories affect sea movements. Panama, in North America, controls the Panama Canal: whichever nation holds Panama determines which sea units may pass from "Equador Coast" to "Carribean Sea". The Suez Canal is controlled by the pair of territories Anglo-Egypt/Sudan and Syria/Iraq. Only if those two territories are held by a single nation or two friendly nations can any ships pass through from "Eastern Mediterranean" to the "Red Sea".