Phase: Orders

The first phase of each turn is the Orders phase. In this phase each nation creates orders for her existing units and also makes purchase orders for new units (which will get added to the game in the place-new phase).

A unit group not yet given orders must be selected by choosing its territory, type, and number. This group can then be given an order to move or given a special order for functions specific to the type of the unit group. For example, a transport unit group, once selected, can be ordered to load land units from an adjacent land territory.

A unit group already given orders can be selected to extend the orders. For example, an armor unit group can be ordered to a territory adjacent to its starting territory, then the order can be extended to move to a territory adjacent to the territory to which it was previously ordered so that it moves a total of two territories.

See the transport details for descriptions of the special orders used to load and unload land units from transports and attack other land territories using this maneuver.


When purchasing new units, the destination territory, which must have an industrial complex on it, must be specified. The unit will be placed on that territory near the end of the turn in the Place-New phase. If the purchasing nation loses control over the destination territory during the turn, purchased units for that territory are forfeit. The maximum number of new land units that can be placed on a given territory is equal to the economic value of the territory (including capital territories); however, infantry units only count half their number toward this limit. For example, 6 infantry units can be placed on a territory with economic value of 3. For sea units the destination sea zone must be specified for the purchase, and that destination must be adjacent to an industrial complex. There is no limit to the number of sea units that can be placed in sea zones adjacent to industrial complexes (other than the nation's economic credits). Territories with no economic value can not host industrial complexes.

Once a player is satisfied that she has given all necessary orders to her units and she has made enough purchase orders for new units, she can lock her orders to indicate she is ready to move to the next phase, Movement and combat.