Phase: Post-Combat

Once all battles are resolved (both land and sea battles), the post-combat phase begins. In this phase all air units must be moved to a safe territory. A safe territory is one which is currently friendly to the unit and was friendly to the unit at the beginning of the turn. For Fighter units, a sea zone with an Aircraft carrier owned by the same nation is also safe, provided the Fighter-to-carrier ratio doesn't exceed two. It is possible that some air units can't reach a safe territory or zone with the movement they have in reserve. Such air units must be scuttled in order for the turn to continue.

Air units not ordered to move during the Orders phase generally can't move during the Post-combat phase. The exception is Fighter units which start the turn in a sea zone. Since it is possible that such units have lost the Aircraft carrier that made it possible for a Fighter to safely land in a sea zone (either by movement or destruction of the carrier), unmoved Fighter units at sea may move a single territory or zone to find a safe landing.

In addition to finishing the movement of any air units, players can chose to move AAguns during post-combat. AAguns don't shoot during post-combat.

Once a player is satisfied with all post-combat movements she can lock them to signal she is ready to move to the next phase.